ZAPS web development

  • 31 January 2015
  • Bong Ramilo

Zippy Arts Projects System (ZAPS) web site development "hackathon" held 31 January 2015, with Felino Molina, Michael Molia, Venjie Diola, and Bong Ramilo, at Malak Telecentro. This is the first session for 2015. We have had several sessions in 2014. The team is building a bespoke system for local government arts projects.

Malak Online TV

  • 12 June 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

Malak Online TV will feature stories about Malak and nearby neighbourhoods in the Northern Suburbs of Darwin and Northern Territory. It specifically reports on activities of the Malak Community Arts and Media Centre (MCAMC), based at Malak Shopping Centre. Community organisations are encouraged to provide their current events video to be included in the fortnightly news update “Around Northern Territory” segment. We are planning to produce multilingual TV programs to connect all communities around Darwin.

Tagtool for Nitestreet

  • 15 April 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

Corrugated Iron Youth Arts used Tagtool again at this year's Nitestreet on 28 March 2014. Last year, Tagtool was used at Nitestreet at Marrara College, operated by Bong Ramilo. This year, however, Jon Clarke and others at CIYA, got some training from Bong on using the Tagtool and CIYA operated the Tagtool themselves at St John's College. Jon is interested in the iPad version on the Tagtool too.

Project 21 Digital Storytelling

  • 10 April 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

DCA, through its Frontline and Arts Access Darwin projects, worked with six artists of Project 21 to produce digital stories in the first term of 2014. The workshops were a continuation on digital photography workshops also facilitated by DCA in the last term of 2013. DCA worked with Down Syndrome Association of the NT (DSANT), which runs Project 21, to develop the program. Project 21 is an education program that provides learning opportunities in media, the arts, and other areas.

TEDxSydney 2014 Satellite Event in Darwin

  • 8 April 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

TEDxSydney 2014 will be streamed live to Darwin at Darwin Community Arts (DCA) Studio, Malak, 9:00 am to 5:00 PM, Saturday, 26 April. TEDxSydney 2014 will take place that Saturday within the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House before a live audience of 2,250; satellite events, such as the one in Darwin, have been organised in different cities. TEDxSydney 2014 says: "As with our four previous TEDxSydney events, the full day of programming will blend talks and performances with interspersed 'tasty video bits.' Once again, it is shaping up to be quite a day.

Zippy Arts Project System (ZAPS)

  • 23 February 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

John Smithies, Director of Cultural Development Network (CDN) of Victoria, visited Darwin on 22 February 2014 to meet with Bong Ramilo, Felino Molina, and Miguel Molina, to discuss development plans for the Zippy Arts Project System (ZAPS) web site project. ZAPS will be used by Local Government councils around Australia as a repository of data and online resources about local government arts projects and as a venue for collaboration among councils for developing arts projects. John and CDN initiated and are leading the project, which is due for launching sometime in 2014.

Tagtool with Malak Reengagement Centre

  • 20 February 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

Students from Malak Reengagement Centre (MRC) did a workshop on the Tagtool, DCA-Frontline's live digital drawing, animation, and projection tool, at DCA's studio in Malak on 19 February 2014. The session was part of an arts program run by Kylie Toon, a teacher at MRC. More sessions will be organised later at Malak, and possibly outdoors, to project on the MRC building itself.

Workshops at Good Shepherd Lutheran School

  • 23 January 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

Teachers at Good Shepherd Lutheran School at Howard Springs attended workshops on digital arts and ukulele were held at the school on 21-22 January 2014, as part of staff development. The teachers requested workshops on ukulele, Tagtool, 3D Printing, GarageBand and iMovie for iPad. Bong Ramilo facilitated the ukulele, Tagtool, 3D printing and GarageBand workshops; Justin Schmidt of Darwin DIgital Hub facilitated the iMovie workshop. Participants said they enjoyed the workshops and would like to organise workshops for other staff and also students this year.

The Portals and #hererealnow

  • 9 June 2013
  • Bong Ramilo

Leading Australian media artists are exploring the limits of fast internet in The Portals, a public art exhibit which opens at Nan Giese Gallery on 8 June and at the Chan Contemporary Art Space on 12 June as part of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2013). ISEA2013 will showcase the best media artworks and future-focused ideas from Australia and around the world from 7 to 16 June at venues across central and outer Sydney, and Darwin.