Laser Tag Demo at Malak Shops, 28 August 2009

The Frontline Laser Tag setup was demonstrated at Malak Shops on 28 August 2009, on the outside wall at the rear of the Grocery, near the entrance to the Danila Dilba Youth Drop In (off Chambers Crescent car park). The demo was organised specifically for the young people at the Danila Dilba Youth Drop In. About ten people tried out the system. Two young people, including Thomas who's also done aerosol art as part of the Legal Walls graffiti project (of YWCA and DCA), worked the system well; they could be encouraged to learn to use the system more and practise using it; they could do live performances with it later on. Other people who tried it were from Darwin Gamers Association and friends of DCA and The Mesh -- Kronk and Jinx of The Mesh were there, with Bong of DCA, to operate the system.