Notes on Running Webcam Piano on Processing 3

To run Webcam Piano 1.5, a Processing script by Memo from 2008, you need to edit the source so that it works with controlP5 2.2.1 library and with the Video library:

First, after line 100, add: video.start();

Line 152 should be: controlP5.addTab("default").setLabel(" HIDE "); instead of"default").setLabel(" HIDE ");

and Lines 167 and 168 should be:controlP5.getController("numPadX").setId(CONTROL_ID_GRIDSIZE);

instead ofcontrolP5.controller("numPadX").setId(CONTROL_ID_GRIDSIZE);

and Line 257 should be switch(theEvent.controller().getId()) {

instead of switch(theEvent.controller().id()) {

due to changes (deprecations) in controlP5 2.2.1. See for controlP5 deprecated list.