Zippy Arts Project System (ZAPS)

  • 23 February 2014
  • Bong Ramilo

John Smithies, Director of Cultural Development Network (CDN) of Victoria, visited Darwin on 22 February 2014 to meet with Bong Ramilo, Felino Molina, and Miguel Molina, to discuss development plans for the Zippy Arts Project System (ZAPS) web site project. ZAPS will be used by Local Government councils around Australia as a repository of data and online resources about local government arts projects and as a venue for collaboration among councils for developing arts projects. John and CDN initiated and are leading the project, which is due for launching sometime in 2014. Bong, Felino, and Miguel are the web site developers for ZAPS; they will build the base code then launch the code as an Open Source software project, to allow other developers to contribute.