DCA involved in the National Digital Platform

  • 8 May 2013
  • Bong Ramilo

The National Digital Platform project is underway, with the Community Partnerships (CP) section of the Australia Council announcing funding for the project as part of CP's National Sector Development Initiative. The project was proposed and will be led by Feral Arts in Brisbane. Christian Ramilo, DCA Executive Officer, has been invited to the Working Group of the National Digital Platform; he is attending the first Working Group meeting in Brisbane, 8-9 May 2013.

The National Digital Platform will, according to Feral Arts, "showcase community arts and cultural development practice and to support communication and collaboration in the sector over the next decade. The new digital platform will be the centrepiece of a National Digital Strategy – a shared blueprint designed to strengthen the online capacity our sector - locally, nationally and internationally." For more information, see http://placestories.com/story/16916.