DCA at National Experimental Arts Forum 2013

  • 7 May 2013
  • Bong Ramilo

Christian Ramilo, DCA Executive Officer, attended the National Experimental Arts Forum (NEAF) at Carriageworks, Sydney, 5-6 May 2013. The NEAF was convened by the Interarts Office of the Australia Council for the Arts to bring together more than 60 artists, academics, and others active in the Interarts field. The Forum discussed pressing issues about experimental arts practice in Australia and recommended actions to the Australia Council towards further developing experimental arts. The Forum was addressed by Robyn Archer, Deputy Chair of the Australia Council, who spoke about the importance of experimentation in the arts, and the value of failure in this regard. She also confirmed that the Interarts Office will be renamed the Emerging and Experimental Arts Section. For more information on the NEAF, see http://www.australiacouncil.gov.au/artforms/inter-arts/news_items/nation.... You can also follow #IAONEAF on Twitter.