Transforming the Chan: It's a Wrap

  • 24 May 2012
  • Peta Khan

Between March and September 2011, Frontline ran a series of interactive new media arts displays and events at the Chan Contemporary Art Space. During this period there were 10 events in total and 4 ongoing exhibitions.

The concept behind Transforming the Chan was for DCA to develop and present innovative new media artworks to activate and illuminate the external structures and environment surrounding the Chan Art Space. Its curational rationale included themes such as:

Interactive Interfaces – for audiences to connect and interact with the art space and its surrounding environment

Creative Participation and Collaboration – providing an opportunity for artists to experiment with new, interactive digital artforms and creative models of community engagement, and for audiences to experience these in demonstrations and workshops.

Creative innovation and community development in the Chan Contemporary Art Space – inviting members of the public to contribute to, and explore, the creative potential of this new art space

The key artists who worked on Transforming the Chan were:

Penny Campton: Laser tag artist, CD Facilitator

Bong Ramilo: Interactive Arts Designer / Developer

MESH/Frontline Team: Barry Robinson, Richard Whittington, Adam Perfrement, Sam Wilson: IT /Digital arts technology developers

Marilyn Nakamarra, Katherine-based artist (Mimi Arts and Craft)

June Mills: Larrakia artist

Jessica Foster: Animator; Digital Arts Practitioner

Chris Tolleri: 3D Design (Work Placement CDU)

The 10,000 Things: Darwin arts collective founded by Tim Parish/Lulu Madil

These artists each worked on a variety of artistic works during the program: interactive digital technologies such as video and light projections, soundscapes, sensor based and kinetic artworks, Quick Response Code mosaics, augmented reality spaces and online worlds.