Darwin Laptop Orchestra (DLOrk) Workshop

  • 16 August 2017
  • Bong Ramilo

Darwin Laptop Orchestra (DLOrk) will run a workshop on Saturday, 19 August 2017, 12:30 pm, Happy Yess, for Darwin Festival. DLOrk is a group established by Darwin Community Arts through its Frontline digital arts project. The workshop is open to anyone interested in collaboratively creating musical instruments, composing music and performing live on a laptop . No computer or music experience is necessary. DLOrk is inspired by the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk) and other laptop orchestras around the world.

Media Hub Project

  • 7 November 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

Roy Smith visited DCA today to chat about his Media Hub project. Roy brought a Media Hub unit for DCA to trial. Its a wifi router that serves media (movies, songs, photos, documents) locally, but can (probably) also work in a mesh network setup, and provide a gateway to the Cloud. DCA will trial the unit in Malak, and will approach other organisations who may interested in using it for their projects. DCA will collaborate with Roy; some things we can work on include developing a solar-powered portable power component for it, and a VoIP functionality.

ZAPS presented by John Smithies at Artlands Dubbo 2016

  • 3 November 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

John Smithies of Cultural Development Network (CDN) demonstrated a prototype of ZAPS at Artlands Dubbo 2016, on 28 October. ZAPS is a web application for project management for local government being developed by Darwin Community Arts' Frontline project with John and CDN. Software developers Miguel Molina, Felino Molina, Venjie Diola, and Bong Ramilo have been working with John Smithies to produce a site that will be useful not only for arts projects in local governments but for other tiers of government and other sections of the arts sector.

Darwin Laptop Orchestra (DLOrk) formed

  • 18 October 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

The Darwin Laptop Orchestra (DLOrk) was formed on 5 October 2016, with Dick Whittington, Danny Pattiselanno, and Bong Ramilo as first members, at Malak Studio. DLOrk is a Frontline project that was in the pipeline for a long time. It is inspired by Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), Stanford Laptop Orchestra (SLOrk), and other laptop orchestras around the world. It is the first laptop orchestra in Darwin.  See the attached for an Overview of DLOrk. See more photos here.

Tagtool build for Katherine Regional Arts

  • 13 August 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

Danny Pattiselanno of DCA-Frontline worked with Callum Finn of Katherine Regional Arts (KRA) on 13 August to assemble a Tagtool for KRA. DCA had lent a Tagtool system to KRA earlier in the year during the Junk Sculpture Challenge in May 2016. KRA wanted one of its own after that. The collaboration is part of the KRA-DCA collaboration for KRA's Katehrine Muster, with DCA contributing to its Geeks-in-Residence program.

Tagtool at Katherine 2016

  • 13 August 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

The Tagtool was featured at Katherine Regional Arts' (KRA) concert on 12 August 2016. Rolly Lovehatelove and Yunanto Getlups, artists in residence with DCA's Asia in Darwin/STREETcurrents project, used the Tagtool for their live digital art during the concert. 

Katherine Junk Sculpture Challenge

  • 27 May 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

Frontline ran workshops on Tagtool, Webcam Piano, and other interactive tools at Katherine Regional Arts' Juk Sculpture Challenge, at Katherine, on 26-27 May 2016. Danny Pattiselanno and Bong Ramilo facilitated the workshops. Tagtool was also active on the awards night, and was again very popular with children. Frontline was there as part of its collaboration with Katherine Regional Arts (KRA), as geeks-in-residence.


  • 5 March 2016
  • Bong Ramilo

Zoltar is now at DCA! Zoltar is a fortune-telling machine (based on the old Zoltar machines) using the Modulo from this Hackster guide. The Modulo is a modular electronics system that makes it easy to assemble electronic devices. To learn more about Modulo visit modulo.co.

Metamorphosis on Mayfair

  • 22 August 2015
  • Bong Ramilo

"The ultimate, magical transformation from one entity into something completely different, Metamorphosis on Mayfair is a cross-disciplinary extravaganza where sound and movement will transform into visual art, data, projections, performance, music and back again! WarpFestival’s planned WarpMeets will merge with Darwin Community Arts project 'Asia in Darwin', in which artists from Asia are in Darwin for collaboration and exchange.